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Selected Portfolio

Web3 bounty network

Blockchain-powered bounty network: off-chain indexing and API to store user information, execute workflows. GitHub app automation.

Employee sentiment

Social network for big corporations’ internal use with polls, suggestions and comment threads, gamification.

AI stories for children

Mobile application to generate short illustrated stories using AI models.

Social network for vegans

Social network for vegan restaurants and marketplace for recipes by chefs, bundled in a mobile application.

Ticketing platform

Ticketing website for two natural sites in Greece, allowing visitors to check out with Stripe or Paypal. Elaborate administrator views with statistics.

Fintech short-term loans

Short-term loan application that allowed owner to assess risk by calculating statistics about the user’s transactions through an integration with Plaid.

Health research

Suite of web and mobile applications to let users scan products and receive tips about reducing their exposure to chemicals.

Audio player widget

Audio player that auto-attaches itself to readable content on webpage articles, convert the text to speech and reads it out loud.

Building software is the obvious part we take that for granted.

As Zero to MVP we are the dependable technology vendor you need, so that you can focus on building or expanding your business.

Our promise to you is that we will be your trusted advisor in all things tech and that the technology we will build for you will be able to scale as your business scales.

Zero to MVP Team

Our founding team has been working with or for startups for 10+ years.

We deeply understand that launching a product is a continuous act of balancing between cost, time to market and achieving product qualities like usability, performance and scalability or hidden concerns like code quality.


In the context of building software, most people consider cost as being equal to the money they spent to build the first version. In truth, the total cost depends on how expensive the software is to host and maintain or change, which in turn depend on several other factors.


Failing to make your software easy to use can often be a death sentence for the business, but getting it right requires several iterations and user feedback.

Time to market

There’s a reason why “first to market” is considered to be a competitive advantage. Drawing the line on what is acceptable for a release in order to gather user feedback quickly vs getting it “perfect” has a direct impact both on the business and the resources consumed to get there.


If you can name a business metric, then you can map it to performance in some quantifiable way. Study after study has shown that it has a direct effect to conversions and engagement. Time, really is money.


The undeniable fact about startups and greenfield projects in general is that plans change, usually as often as a product hits the user’s screen. Agility is then your ability to enact change, quickly.


Code is what enables your software and in turn, your business, but it can be also be detrimental without good code hygiene. There’s often the perception that we can neglect code quality in order to go faster but those that cross an invisible line pay for it multi-fold, when it most matters.

Security and stability

While it is desirable to be able to react quickly to change, it is essential for your software to not degrade over time because of hardware failures, software bugs or external threats.

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