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Scale your

We invest in our people with a
long-term view.


We do not have any open opportunities right now but you can send us your resume at - we will notify you when something comes up!


We invest in our
people with a
long-term view.

We believe that people and organizations should grow together with everyone aligned through common goals and rewarded proportionally to their contribution. At Zero to MVP, the best idea wins—not the biggest title, just like Intel believed in the 90s. We are passionate about code quality and output consistency, and we strive to be globally renowned as software engineering experts.

As we look to our future filled with opportunity, we're excited to continue our journey with a team of high-performing individuals. Our team culture focuses on continuous improvement and supporting each other to do excellent work.

Are you passionate about software craftsmanship and want to be excellent, globally?

Georgios Diamantopoulos
Manos Theodorou

co-founders, Zero to MVP
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“The best idea should win, not the biggest title.”

Quote Background

Not just equal opportunity,
high opportunity

An environment where you can thrive


Be part of a team that will support and challenge you to grow and take on new and larger challenges every day, week and month. We set our intention and goals, take action, reflect on our results, and repeat.


Work on amazing products with the best technologies available - not because they're trending, but because they're the best fit for the system we are engineering. Our Signature Stack allows us to stay agile without compromising on scalability or quality.


  • Dollar symbol

    High-end salary that is commensurate with your skills and experience and will grow as you grow.

  • Health insurance

    Comprehensive private health insurance that provides coverage at all times, not just while working.

  • UP EAT card

    UP EAT cards for meals.

  • Workshop

    Attending conferences or workshops.


Yes! We believe in staying healthy and energized, and understand how work pressure can reduce performance. Ask us more about this!

Equity Scheme

Key personnel will enjoy participation in a vested equity scheme where they get to own a piece of the company!


Our office has access to a purpose-built space with wooden desks, developer-oriented PCs, 34” monitors, mechanical keyboards, ergonomic mouses and unlimited coffee. We recognize the importance of team bonding around the watercooler and huddling in front of the screen to solve a problem. We also understand the convenience of working from home, so you can adjust working remotely or in the office according to your needs.

Our values

What permeates through all of our actions


Minimizing the distance between what we say and what we do

Integrity with

Overcoming obstacles without compromising our values.


Holding an intention with every action and dedicating ourselves to the cause.


Embodying the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Doing something with passion, devotion, and undivided attention.

One of us

Those who excel at Zero to MVP often possess

Attention to

Paying attention to the small things that make a big difference.


The drive to continually improve, striving for self-improvement each day.


Satisfied until it's perfect, blended with a developed pragmatism, understanding that “the enemy of perfection is good enough” rarely applies to software projects, requiring a balance of features, performance, UX, code quality and more.


A world-class attitude, participating in the world of software engineering at the highest level.

Career Development

A thinking model for engineering and other roles career paths


Recently graduated from university or other formal training and is learning the ropes. Has undertaken a few informal projects. Usually needs further training to do small tasks and requires guidance when working with existing code. Ability to perform is mostly limited to examples and simple variations. For engineers at this level, an error report is usually just “it doesn't work.”


Compared to an entry-level professional, a junior is more familiar with reading reference documentation (as opposed to tutorials or examples). Depending on experience, they can be trained to do specific tasks related to a single subsystem (e.g., e-mails) or process (e.g., testing or documentation).


To reach this level, one typically needs several years of experience. It does not matter how smart you are or how many best-practices you can recite. You need to have released software to improve. Mid-level professionals should be able to fill out detailed error reports and be proficient in their tools (languages, frameworks, tools). They should be aware of most parts of the application, with expertise in one or two.


Someone who has delivered multiple projects or releases over time and can walk through every part of the application mentally and with a debugger. At this level, people usually have good guesses about what is causing a bug or unintended behavior. However, when instinct fails they can switch back to an engineering approach of tracking data/code. Can mentor less experienced engineers to improve.



A list of questions we get asked often

That is an excellent question! We're big on self-improvement, both personally and professionally, and strive to create an environment that allows for growth. Specifically:

  • We provide code reviews and constructive feedback, as well as pair coding or mentoring sessions.
  • We encourage taking initiative and proposing new or better ways of doing things.
  • We have regular 1-to-1s to make sure you have what you need to succeed.
  • We communicate expectations in clear language, so you know what you need to do to move up.

Our stack currently includes .NET 7.0, RavenDB, React 18 and NextJS 13 - a combination that allows us to stay agile and build solutions that stand the test of time. Find out more here.

On your first day, you will receive a welcome package with some company swag. We'll make sure you know all the operational details, like when everyone gets paid and how our private insurance works.

For the first few days, you will get to know the company, our processes and the way we build software. You'll be setting up your desktop, running projects, reading code and observing other members of the team as they code. We will gradually increase the amount and difficulty of your workload to match your appetite and skill level. Keep in mind, we want you to succeed at Zero to MVP!

”Nothing in excess” was inscribed at the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece. The ancient Greeks highly valued moderation as a virtue, believing it would bring balance and harmony to their lives. Practically, this meant self-control and discipline in all aspects of life, including food, drink, and pleasures. They believed that too much of any of these could lead to physical or moral decline.

We don't advocate for the "work hard, play hard" approach, nor do we regard behaviors that can lead to burnout as ideal, as is common in the startup world. Rather, we emphasize clear focus, consistent action, and adequate reflection for improvement and innovation.

It is sometimes necessary to push harder to complete a project, and we understand that. That's why we offer unlimited holidays to balance it out. Plus, our in-office gym and stretching exercises are available to you.

There is a method, but we do not believe that one size fits all. The following is our standard interview progression, which we may adjust depending on the role, candidate or other variables. Overall, we strive to give specific feedback to all candidates whether they are hired or not and to accurately manage your expectations as you are going through the process.

Your first call will give you an introduction of the company and a chance to ask any questions you may have. We will also make efforts to understand your professional career trajectory, especially what you want to be doing and what is important to you.

As a second step we will invite you to take a coding challenge. We do things a little differently here:

  • We expect you to succeed on the challenge and we want you to have fun building it!
  • All our challenges are inspired by real-life projects and designed to help you exhibit your skills. You will not be called to write an algorithm from scratch, but you will need to make decisions and be ready to support them.
  • We expect you to communicate naturally. Meaning, pretend you are already part of the team and communicate with us the same way you would in a remote work scenario.
  • We communicate expectations in clear language, so you know what you need to do to move up.

You will have up to one week to complete the challenge. Once you have submitted your solution you will either receive specific feedback on it or you will be invited to a call with members of our technical team to further discuss your approach, decisions you made and any further improvements you would want to pursue.

Finally, you will receive overall feedback and/or an offer to join our team!

The team can work from home up to four days a week, and adjustments can be made as needed. All teams huddle at 9.30am, but working hours after that are flexible, pending communication within the team. Breaks are encouraged to stay fresh through the day.

We view the office as an asset, not a hindrance or chore. It enables us to make real connections, collaborate on the blackboard, and enjoy lunch together. It is designed to be a productive environment, unlike our homes, which can have varying levels of professional setups.

If it’s not clear already, we will strive to find the best person for the job. Assuming several candidates of similar level of “fit” for a specific role, it is our policy to hire local first, national second, from Europe third.