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A dependable partner

In our experience working with or for startups, long before Zero to MVP was established, what matters the most to our clients is having a dependable partner who can help them navigate the complexities of technology so that you can focus on building and growing your business.

The quality of our work is based on solid engineering foundations, a close-knit team and a carefully-picked technology stack that is battle-tested - our Signature Stack.

Solid engineering foundations

At Zero to MVP, we understand that the delicate equilibrium between product quality (usability, performance, etc.), code quality (under the hood) and resource consumption, including time, is the cornerstone of any successful project.




Engineering is design, develop, build and maintain, which means that as engineers we take of the full software life cycle, starting with a set of objectives that the system must satisfy.

We proudly employ engineering staff who are graduates of computer science or engineering schools. Our whole team actively partakes in the development process as your product was our own.

Our process

While many think of software development as a factory pipeline pushing code around a conveyor belt we find “tactical operations” a more useful metaphor for our work. Tactical operations refer to military activities and strategies that are designed for specific, short-term objectives, usually in high-risk or high-stake scenarios. These operations are typically well-planned and carefully executed.

This is especially true of greenfield projects where the context we are operating in is constantly shifting, depending on the business priorities, user feedback, market conditions and unexpected events.

Thus, our process will be based on our extensive experience but specifically tailored to your project’s needs.


We will work with you to refine your project until it becomes actionable, whether you come with some notes on the back of a napkin or with a full specification and UI designs. We are committed to making the most of your time and money.


Some of the first feedback you will receive is going to be about potential risks that we perceive in your project, on any level, and suggestions on actions we can take to address those risks.

scale with
your business.

We will take shortcuts where possible to achieve your outcomes faster but not at your expense. What we build for you is going to be able to scale with your business. No throw-away products.

Review &

You will never be expected to pay without being able to see the work you are paying for. At a short, mutually agreed interval, you will be able to review our work and verify the implementation. This is usually one to two weeks for most projects.

Support for
Smooth Transition.

We hope that your new software venture succeeds in the world and we will do our best to make that happen. When the time when it makes sense to build your own team comes, you will receive all the support you need from us for a smooth transition.

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“Each step in a software project should add, not subtract, specificity.”

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Our Signature Stack.Our Signature Stack.
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The C# programming was first released in 2002 and still keeps fresh with a new release every year. Taking from both the object-oriented and functional paradigms it allows us to be efficient. Combined with Visual Studio’s incredible tooling and ASP.NET, one of the fastest web servers out there. out there, we are at the forefront of productivity.


Describing RavenDB as just a database is a crime. With ACID properties out of the box and a distributed design, it is a highly-reliable store for your data. Powerful indexing, data subscriptions and other extended features make working with RavenDB a pleasure and a valuable asset in delivering performant solutions to our clients.


Performant UIs rendered in React and written with TypeScript to help us catch bugs before they leave the code editor. Sprinkle NextJS on top for another boost in time to market.


Google’s contender to React Native with sound typing, amazing performance and its own rendering engine resulting in uniform mobile applications across both iOS and Android. Add to that ease of integration with native plugins - Flutter really is the king of cross-platform mobile app development.


Reliable bare-metal hosting with Scaleway so you that you really pay only for what you need vs hyperscaler overhead, without compromising performance. Multi-cloud deployments with managed Kubernetes control-plane, for when you grow.


Frontend hosting with Vercel, taking advantage of their deployment pipelines for fast releases and a global CDN to render your web application as fast as possible all over the world.

Looking beyond the hype

There is an old business saying that highlights the idea of choosing well-established and reputable companies or products:

That is certainly true and very convenient for IBM. Most technology- related decisions in large corporations are made based on arbitrary budgets, politics and a C*O’s fear of losing their job.

On the other hand, smaller actors fall in one of two categories; either “true” to some legacy stack they never questioned because “it works” or constantly jumping on the bandwagon of the next trending idea or framework.

Beyond “thought”, we have spent countless hours of research and trial and error to create our Signature Stack - our choice bundle of technology stack that allows us to remain agile without sacrificing the longevity of your project.

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“Systems that can pivot and scale means that, our systems are agile and can easily be adapted to change while maintaining the ability to scale, as your business scales.”

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This is not the place to brag but we also value putting one’s money into one’s mouth - we have scaled social networks to over 10,000 concurrent users on commodity hardware that would cost less than $1k/mo to maintain.

We continuously invest in staying current with developments and technologies that can help us deliver more value to our clients. The diagram above represents the current version of our Signature Stack.